An awning is an architectural projection made out of vinyl or plastic and fastened to shelter windows, doors, decks and from harsh weather conditions, identity or decoration. Placing signage on awnings is an interesting and innovative way to spread key messaging to customers. Whether you have an existing awning or would like to install one, Cogni Signs will ensure the finished product will look clean and professional.
Whether you own a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, a decorative awning will help support your identity while providing strong branding that stands out. Awning graphics are beneficial because they do not count towards the square footage for some municipal sign regulations, only the part of the awning that has graphics on it. The increased square footage of your storefront will help draw in more attention than a small sign on the side of the street.
The process from conception to completion takes approximately three to four weeks and Congi Signs is happy to provide installation services should you obtain a permit. If you are interested in installing the final product yourself, we can also assist with the application process.
Whether you choose a lightweight vinyl awning or a traditional cloth awning, we are confident that we can help create the ideal look and feel for your business. Contact us today to discuss the shape, size, material and design that is right for you.