Sidewalk signs help bring your key messaging to life - even before potential customers walk into your store! Congi Sign creates and sells a wide array of custom signage, from A-Frame signs, temporary signs, changeable letter signs, sandwich boards and other durable, all-weather products to satisfy your business needs. We use knowledgeable designers and state-of- the-art equipment to create the right sign for you, every time.
Cogni Sign wants to ensure your sign is portable, but will weather the sometimes challenging elements that the outdoors can bring. This means we create our signs with differing weight systems, resistant to both rain or snow, for easy transportation and storage. Our company even offers wind management components to keep the sign upright during inclement weather.
We have worked together with a variety of different companies - from gyms and fitness enters to print shops to pet gas stations - to create messaging unique and suitable for your industry, perfectly incorporating your logo, colours and/or marketing theme. The finished product will be completed in just days!
Cogni Sign guarantees our innovative approach will leave a lasting impact.